Art Department

A dynamic and creative learning environment

Academic Departments


91.35% of $30,000.00 raised
The Art Department offers training in fine arts, graphic and computer design and art history. More info

Alumni Association 50 for 50 Campaign

Help endow a scholarship



85.09% of $150,000.00 raised
Fifty years ago the Columbia College Alumni Association was formed. In honor of this incredible milestone the alumni association is endowing a scholarship. Alumni are challenged to give $50 or more. More info

Colonel Mike Randerson Scholarship

Providing support for military personnel and their family members



166.2% of $10,000.00 raised
Help Columbia College create a permanently endowed fund in honor of Col. David M. Randerson. More info

Frank S. Westling Scholarship

Extending Scholarships Nationwide



79.8% of $100,000.00 raised
Columbia College awards up to 36 students around the country with a $500 scholarship in honor of Frank S. Westling. More info

Fishman Entrepreneur of the Year

Awarded annually to entrepreneurs



83.33% of $600,000.00 raised
Help aspiring Columbia College entrepreneurs launch their business ventures. More info
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