Columbia College is proud to offer a variety of scholarships to deserving students across the country. Browse this category and see where you would like to lend your support. A CC student somewhere will be thankful.


Bob Burchard

Bob Burchard Celebration of Excellence Scholarship

A permanently endowed fund created to honor Robert "Bob" Burchard and provide support for athletics at Columbia College. More info


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Jane Froman Memorial Scholarship

Jane Froman Scholarship

Jane Froman left an indelible mark on the world that is still being celebrated today. In honor of Froman's legacy, Columbia College is proud to award each year, the Jane Froman Smith Memorial Scholarship to an outstanding student of music. More info


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Carroline Kirtley Boone County Endowed Scholarship

Boone County Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Gerald Brouder established the Boone County Endowed Scholarship in 1997. The BCES provides tuition assistance for Boone County residents attending Columbia College in both the day and evening programs. More info


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Molly S Thomas Bowden

Molly S. Thomas Bowden Memorial Scholarship

Intended to provide full tuition to a female majoring in criminal justice administration or forensic science in Columbia, Mo. More info


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Alumni Association 50 for 50 Campaign

Alumni Association 50 for 50 Campaign

Fifty years ago the Columbia College Alumni Association was formed. In honor of this incredible milestone the alumni association is endowing a scholarship. Alumni are challenged to give $50 or more. More info


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Chuck Bobbitt

Chuck Bobbitt Softball Scholarship

In 1994, on the occasion of Chuck Bobbitt's retirement as softball coach at Columbia College, alumni and friends established an endowment fund in his name. More info


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Col. Mike Randerson

Colonel Mike Randerson Scholarship

Help Columbia College create a permanently endowed fund in honor of Col. David M. Randerson. More info


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Fishman Entrepreneur of the Year

Fishman Entrepreneur of the Year

Help aspiring Columbia College entrepreneurs launch their business ventures. More info


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Georgia Kateman

Georgia Kateman, RN Scholarship

This scholarship honors the life of Georgia Deer Kateman, a first-generation college student who received a full-ride scholarship, thanks to the generosity of a kind physician. More info


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Dr. Anthony Marshall

Dr. Anthony S. Marshall Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor the distinguished career of Dr. Anthony Marshall who taught an entire generation of Columbia College business students. More info


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Colonel Charles E. McGee Scholarship

This scholarship honors the accomplishments of a proud Columbia College alumnus and a national treasure, Col. Charles McGee. A $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving student veteran. More info


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Ousley Family Veterans Service Center Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor and support the academic endeavors of veterans who have exhausted veteran educational benefits. George H. Ousley Jr. understands how important it is to have scholarship money available to assist veterans as they move forward with their education. More info


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Frank S. Westling Scholarship

Columbia College awards up to 36 students around the country with a $500 scholarship in honor of Frank S. Westling. More info


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