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75.35% of $10,000.00 raised

Help those who are serious about an education buy books or pay for their tuition with the Online Campus eScholarship. Columbia College has been a leader in online learning for over a decade. They have made it possible for those that don't have access to a physical classroom to earn an accredited degree. But these students, even working from their personal computer, still need your support. 

The online student is the single parent who works full-time and only has time to do coursework after she has taken care of her children. They are the service members whose locations change often, but their commitment to an education doesn't. They are people like you, who know the value of going for greater.

Online Campus eScholarship recipients have to meet criteria such as completing a minimum number of hours with the college and hold a minimum GPA, so you know your gift will go toward helping a student achieve their goal. More than 12,000 students take advantage of our online classes every year, so the need has never been greater.


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