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Introduction to Columbia College course

Foundations Seminar overview

The Foundations Seminar is a theme-based introduction to the college experience, focused on helping students transition into college both academically and personally.  Although there is a strong emphasis on the development of skills such as time management, stress management, digital literacy, and so on, each section of the seminar will have a different theme depending upon the interests of the instructor.  This 16-week seminar is a 3 credit hour academic course that meets the general education curriculum and degree requirements. Additionally, new students become familiar with the wide variety of resources available to help them meet their collegiate goals. 

Benefits of the Foundations Seminar

  • Academic preparation and support
  • Support in building relationships with students, faculty and staff
  • Access to campus resources
  • Planning and visioning for your overall college experience
  • Personal and Professional Growth

How students benefit from Foundations

  • 90% of students feel more comfortable taking advantage of educational and personal resources on campus. 
  • 79% feel more connected to campus. 
  • 86% think that their relationship with their classmates will continue past the duration of the course. 

Student testimonials

Students holding up a wooden frame picture within picture

"My best friends? Met them through this course. My four year plan? Made it in Foundations. My strengths? Discovered them because of this course. I owe my success in college to this Foundations course. Foundations has made me the person I am today." — Adrienne Hamlin

Students holding out fists who are happy

"In Columbia College's Foundations course you learn many great skills that all college students should learn early in their college career. Aside from the always popular Four Year Plan that you will create during the class, you will capture an idea of your personal strengths in order to capitalize on such all while learning valuable study skills and time management skills. In addition you will make many great friends. Needless to say, I would highly recommend taking the course." — McKenzie Danzer


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