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Strategic plan, 2016-2021

Goal #1: Educational Innovation

Continue the College’s tradition of educational innovation by actively experimenting with new educational models, programs and technologies and moving more quickly than competitors when the path becomes clear.

Goal #2: Improve the Student Experience

Ensure that our students have a positive experience with CC from the time they apply to well after they graduate. Expect outstanding student service from all employees of the College. Attract and retain students, in part, because of the way we treat them.

Goal #3: Maximize Financial Performance 

Ensure that all employees of the College exhibit financial discipline, allowing us to make significant investments in areas that improve the student experience and grow the College. Alumni and friends will appreciate our stewardship and be motivated to contribute. 

Goal #4: Grow Enrollments 

Grow enrollments on both our residential day campus and our nationwide venues by creating highly effective marketing campaigns and admissions processes, expanding our nationwide footprint and enhancing the student experience. 

Goal #5: Maximize Employee Performance

Attract and retain talented employees by offering professional growth opportunities, a competitive salary and excellent benefits to become an employer of choice for the ambitious and highly motivated. 


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