Présentation commerciale Safir – Zeniq par Duane Marc-Anthony

Un aperçu complet de l’infrastfrcture Zeniq, de la technologie de frappe et des projets et échanges de tokenisation Zeniq à venir. Saffir complet…

zeniq safir review
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7 réflexions au sujet de “Présentation commerciale Safir – Zeniq par Duane Marc-Anthony”

  1. Wow this platform have take me so much sleepiest 🌃 to do research,my registration will be complete 2day and my hub will be minding for me …God thank u seing the opportunity in our time, thanks to safir/zeniq God bless this platform.

  2. Please can you help me on how to reach zeniq company I bought a Masternode for 1499 euro, for three days today I have been able to see only 23 coins in my back office , somehow needa to be done

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